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1. Create only works that are filled with passion
2. Present a new form of living, enjoying a new era with NFTs
3. Create an enthusiastic community that makes you want to participate every day
Today only a few projects keep maintaining popularity in the NFT market. Although they are popular until launch,
there are not many projects that can maintain price and liquidity after mint. We do not want to provide such an experience to everyone who has participated from the beginning.
We want to give you an early ETH and BTC-like experience where floor prices are skyrocketing and believing and holding is the winner. To that end, it is very important to carry out continuous promotion and raise awareness of the project. However, that alone will just bring together as many people as possible, and in the end it will be far from the project we are aiming for. In addition to promotion, we place more weight on sharing our outlook through our works.
This is because we aim to create a community where each member of S0U can be enthusiastic by creating only works that propagate passion. For artists such as RK and daichi, only members who share our values participate in the team. Through our works and community, we propose not only how to enjoy NFTs, how to improve its value as a work of art, and how to build an appropriate NFT market, but also how to live in a new era and what the community should be to the world. These are the outlines of our roadmap. In the near future, we will announce new collaboration as well as new partnership. Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback! With your voice, we will create a unique project.
Thank you for your support!
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